Established in 1965, Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES) is one of the biggest state universities in Indonesia. UNNES is the first university that declared itself as the Conservation University of Indonesia. The conservation declaration was announced by the Rector of UNNES in a glorious celebration attended by the Minister of National Education of Indonesia on March 12th, 2010. When UNNES was first established in 1965, its name was Teacher Training College Semarang (IKIP Semarang) that accommodated the need of teachers around Central Java and gave a great attention to education. Then, by the Indonesian Presidential Decree No. 124 in 1999, IKIP Semarang was converted to be Universitas Negeri Semarang.

UNNES has four main campuses located in Sekaran, Bendan Duwur, Ngaliyan, and Tegal. Developed with the concept of a green environment, the campuses are green and convenient. As for it is located in the upper region, the campus will not be affected by the floods.

Since 2012, students, lecturers, and staffs are prohibited from using a motor vehicle around the campus in order to reduce pollution in the effort of environment conserving. To reach one building to another, you have to simply walk or use a bicycle provided.

At Sekaran campus, on March 12th 2010, UNNES was declared as a conservation university by the National Education Minister, Muhammad Nuh. UNNES is determined to consistently uphold the idea of protection, preservation, utilization and sustainable development of natural and cultural resources of Indonesia. UNNES also puts conservation as a manifestation of the Tridarma of university namely education, research, and community service.